Blueprint for Success 

How to Create Habits of Excellence - And Transform Your Results


 Create a clear vision and goals for your life

 Build focus and learn to prioritise

 Develop mental and emotional resilience for overcoming ups and downs of life

 Discover exactly what is important and let the unimportant drop away

 Develop skills to keep yourself motivated and inspired

Create winning habits and behaviours so you take consistent action even when you don't feel like it

Ultimately Create your own BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS. A clear and concise roadmap for your life.



The Foundations for your Blueprint for Success

  • Reality check: The truth about why you haven’t achieved the results you want.
  • Must-have key ingredients for a winning mindset.
  • Foundations to create your unique Blueprint for Success Handbook™

Creating a Compelling Future

  • Creating a compelling future vision.
  • Making your goals magnetic. 
  • Staying focused on your future vision (even though it may seem a long way off).

Planning for Success

  • Simple planning strategies to drive action.
  • Maintaining focus while travelling along your road to success.
  • Building momentum and achieving wins.

Creating Winning Habits

  • Daily Rituals: a critical ingredient in achieving what’s important to you.
  • The essential habits for boosting productivity.
  • Avoiding procrastination and overwhelm.

Turning Self-Talk Positive 

  • Eliminating doubt and negative self-talk.
  • Thinking like a winner.
  • Reprogramming your brain in the direction of success.

“Know Thyself’ – What Really Makes You Tick?

  • Knowing what is truly important in your life to get results you desire, and why.
  • Embracing three fundamental qualities for long term success.
  • Maintaining consistency: discovering the key.

Building a Positive Emotional State 

  • Overcoming ‘I don’t feel like doing……’ virus.
  • Building a positive internal state and feel inspired daily.
  • Acknowledging your achievements and fast-tracking your results.

Becoming Your Best Self

  • Identifying your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Polishing your skills and breaking through unnecessary behaviours.
  • Improving incrementally and becoming your ideal you.

The Finishing Touches on your “Blueprint for Success”

  • Getting back on track after a fall off the path.
  • Using your “Blueprint for Success” to achieve breakthrough results in all areas of your life.
  • Winning strategies and additional tools for your own unique Blueprint



Section 1 - Foundations For The Program

Section 2 - Creating a Compelling Future

Section 3 - Planning for Success

Section 6 - Know Thyself - What Really Makes You Tick

Section 7 - Building a Positive Emotional State

Section 8 - Becoming Your Best Self

Section 9 - The Finishing Touches on your Blueprint for Success


Mandy Napier

Mandy Napier BSC is a Global Mindset and Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, and Educator. She works with high achieving professionals, individuals and athletes who desire to perform at their peak in their chosen field. Dubbed the Mindset Alchemist, Mandy is highly skilled at identifying and helping her clients get out of their own way and clear their redundant and hidden patterns. Most importantly, she equips them with tools and techniques for winning behaviours and to create and reinforce helpful, healthy habits. Mandy is known for her down to earth authentic and results-driven approach. This means transformational results are the norm.