This short course is designed to give you a better understanding of stress, how you 'do' stress and to equip you with simple and effective tools so you can manage your stress better, reduce anxiety and help you manage challenging and uncertain times better.

While stress is a normal part of life, chronic stress is the root cause of major disease and ill health. Having strategies to manage stress better is essential for your productivity, uncertain times and most importantly to help keep your immune system strong. Stress negatively impacts your immune system.


** Please note I have recently added in a NEW technique called the State Shifter. Due to an increased level of anxiety and worry caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, this one has an extra step to help move away from intense negative emotions to a neutral one and then to a more positive one.**



'Thank you for the access to your fabulous short course on how to reduce stress. The programme was easy to navigate and gave great examples on stress reduction. The video was superb. The learning technique which was very beneficial was mbraining and breathing for health benefits. The tools that you have provided will definitely help my daily planning and getting more organised! I would definitely recommend this amazing short course to family and friends. Your life coaching has changed so many lives for a positive future!  Steve Barber
'Your programme really helped me get my head around the panic/ anxiety stuff. Being trapped in my own negative thoughts with no external contact can really spiral downwards…but I’m pretty chilled now. Also, the physical reaction – thumping heart, dry mouth, slight sweating, disturbed sleeping is all really real and feedbacks into the negative loop. So breaking that is key to taking control and you really helped - thank you!! The other thing that really worked for me was journaling – just writing (actually I dictated) a stream of all those conversations going on in my mind absolutely helped me clear it and get stuff in perspective. I’ve used it before and for me, it's really powerful.' Thanks, Nick
'I found the reminder of the concepts to take small steps, break down the parts of the task, and reward yourself for each step completed helped me clarify what I need to do. Then to feel success from the small steps and not blame myself for not getting everything done in the time I have available. Thank you for your generous sharing!' Yours Naomi
'Hi, Mandy, a very positive place to start regaining control over your thoughts and life. I will happily pass your details onto clients in need of some positive direction. Thank you for generously sharing. Many blessings.' Debbie Jennings
I loved your short course on How to Reduce Stress. It was very timely as I was trying to deal with a lot of emotions/stress to do with my old Mum. I loved your explanation about stress and that it is a normal part of life. I particularly liked the reminder to breathe. It sounds so simple but you have to catch the thoughts coming in and use the breath to dissolve the stress. After a few days and a lot of catching thoughts and breathing and walking -  I found I started to think clearly and in this space, I was able to think of a solution! I also liked that you explained why we should be doing exercise. What happens in the body and how it helps especially during stressful times. The ball on the wave is a great idea. Thanks, Mandy it was and will continue to be helpful! Robyn Fowler
Mini-Course on How to Reduce Stress


Mandy Napier

Mandy Napier BSC is a Global Mindset and Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, and Educator. She works with high achieving professionals, individuals and athletes who desire to perform at their peak in their chosen field. Dubbed the Mindset Alchemist, Mandy is highly skilled at identifying and helping her clients get out of their own way and clear their redundant and hidden patterns. Most importantly, she equips them with tools and techniques for winning behaviours and to create and reinforce helpful, healthy habits. Mandy is known for her down to earth authentic and results-driven approach. This means transformational results are the norm.


Posted by Debbie Jennings on September 20th at 12:19pm

Hi Mandy, a very positive place to start regaining control over your thoughts and life. I will happily pass your details onto clients in need of some positive direction. Thank you for generously sharing. Many blessings, Take care Debbie x