Your Starter Kit for the Mind!

This Mindset Essentials Kit contains a sprinkling of a few of the tools that I have used over the years and share with my clients. They are designed to equip you with some better strategies and techniques for overcoming daily challenges and hurdles in life.

Understanding and discovering more about your mind and how to manage it gives you essential keys for creating life by design rather than default.

To gain more in-depth tools and knowledge, why not purchase the comprehensive Mindset Mastery Program.

I am currently offering it at a very discounted rate for these COVID-19 times! So it is affordable for everyone.

Now there is no excuse for not stepping up and gaining more certainty in your life.


This KIT includes Resources and Tools for:
  1. Boosting Confidence
  2. Reducing Overwhelm
  3. Overcoming Procrastination
  4. Clearing Negative Thinking
  5. Increasing Calm and reducing Stress
  6. Creating Habits that stick - HABIT PLAN
  7. Info on YOUR MIND
"Thank you for access to the "Mindset Essentials Kit. The standout for me was "clearing negative thoughts" closely followed by "building confidence". I will be able to use these strategies in dealing with my current situations and well into the future." Tom
"I found the reminder of the concepts to take small steps, break down the parts of the task, and reward yourself for each step completed helped me clarify what I need to do. Then to feel success from the small steps and not blame myself for not getting everything done in the time I have available. Thank you for your generous sharing!" Naomi


Your Mindset Essentials Kit - Introduction

Building Confidence

Managing Overwhelm


Clearing Negative Thoughts

Overcoming Procrastination

Increasing Calm Feelings and Reducing Stress

Habit Creation Plan

Habit Creation Plan

Mental Rehearsal - Visualisation


Mandy Napier

Mandy Napier is a Global Mindset and Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, and Educator. She works with high achieving professionals, individuals and athletes who desire to strive for peak performance in their chosen arena. Dubbed the Mindset Alchemist, Mandy is highly skilled at identifying and helping her clients get out of their own way and clear their redundant and hidden patterns. Most importantly, equip them with tools to reinforce behaviours and create helpful habits. Ultimately, guiding them to transformational results with a down to earth, authentic and results-driven approach.