Discover how to master your mind, create your own Mindset for Success and create the results you desire with this Mindset Mastery self packed online course.

 ** Your Mindset Foundations **


This comprehensive self-study Mindset Mastery Program will help you learn how to take charge of your mind and gain mastery over your life. Working on your inner game is the key to outer success. It is the solution for eliminating the blocks, many of which are hidden so you can achieve the results you want.

Expect to know yourself better, gain clarity, increase confidence and emotional mastery. All of this gives you more certainty to make wiser and bolder decisions to live your life fully. 

  • Do you struggle to achieve your goals?
  • Do you know you need a bit of help to take charge of your wayward mind and those inner 'saboteurs?'
  • Are you looking for an affordable way to start your journey of personal growth and harness your potential?

Then this program is your solution.

When you discover how your mind works and what you have been doing wrong you become more aware and see things that were formerly hidden.

When you become more aware you have the first step to change.

When you equip yourself with strategies, techniques and powerful mind tools to help you reinforce helpful habits and desired behaviours you create better results.

When you have mind tools to help you clear you unseen and hidden blocks, you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Awaken your unlimited potential and finally create the results you truly want.


Here is a snapshot of the program:


Module 1:  Your Current Life - Where Are You Now?                                

Module 2:  Your Future Vision - Creating a Compelling Future

Module 3:  Focus - The Essential Ingredient For Success

Module 4:  Values - Your Drivers of Success

Module 5:  Creating Goals - Ready, Aim, Go Get It!

Module 6:  Building Momentum - Tools and Strategies for Action

Module 7:  How to Think Like a Winner

Module 8:  Discovering and Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs

Module 9:  Creating Confidence and Courage

Module 10: Building a Stronger Emotional State

Module 11: Managing and Reducing Your Stressors

Module 12: Reviewing and Maintaining Your Progress

  • The program contains videos, step-by-step instructions, audios, worksheets and powerful mind tools to help you carefully navigate through the hurdles of life.

Creating change takes commitment, focus, discipline and consistent action. Yet most people fail to do this and 3 out of 4 never achieve what they really want.

Decide today that you will be someone who takes action and steps up. 

Get ready to take your life to the next level.

For any questions please contact Mandy on [email protected]

Foundations for Your Mindset for Success and Life Success


MODULE ONE Your Current Life - Where Are You Now

MODULE TWO Your Future Vision - Creating a Compelling Future

MODULE THREE Focus - The Essential Ingredient For Success

MODULE SIX Building Momentum - Tools and Strategies for Action

MODULE EIGHT Discovering and Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs

MODULE NINE Creating Confidence and Courage

MODULE TEN Building a Stronger Emotional State

MODULE ELEVEN Managing and Reducing Your Stressors

MODULE TWELVE Reviewing and Maintaining Your Progress


Mandy Napier

Mandy Napier BSC is a Global Mindset and Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, and Educator. She works with high achieving professionals, individuals and athletes who desire to perform at their peak in their chosen field. Dubbed the Mindset Alchemist, Mandy is highly skilled at identifying and helping her clients get out of their own way and clear their redundant and hidden patterns. Most importantly, she equips them with tools and techniques for winning behaviours and to create and reinforce helpful, healthy habits. Mandy is known for her down to earth authentic and results-driven approach. This means transformational results are the norm.